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President's Welcome

It is my privilege and honour to write to you as your newly elected president. My​ ​gratitude to Mr. George Georgopalis, our out-going president, and his executive board of directors for their great work and service over the past two years.

It is also my great pleasure to introduce your newly elected executive board of directors. Attached to this letter, and posted around the community building, you will find a complete list of their names and positions. These individuals represent a pool of talent, energy and passion that will raise our organization to great new heights.

My vision is to make the Hellenic-Canadian Community of Edmonton and Region a first-class cultural organization which epitomizes social cohesion, financial growth and, above all, efficient governance, accountability, integrity and professionalism.

Our community is now the most diverse it has ever been. Our membership includes people from the following backgrounds:

  • recent immigrants and families arriving to Canada from Greece;

  • long established first generation Greek immigrants who have lived in Canada the majority of their lives;

  • second generation Greek children (many now adults with their own families) who have lived all their lives in Canada;

  • third generation Greek children of mixed marriages;

  • non-Greek husbands and wives (and extended family members) who embrace the culture of their Greek spouse; and

  • students, tourists and other “philhellenes” of all types of backgrounds.

I personally view each and everyone of these members as vitally important and equal stakeholders in our organization. This diversity of backgrounds is our greatest source of strength and defining character as an organization. Above all, we are united in our efforts to exemplify the aims and objectives of our shared interest in the Hellenic culture and community.

Going forward, our board will be issuing regular newsletters with updates on the community’s programming and initiatives. In the meantime, I wish to extend my personal appeal to each and everyone of you for your feedback on two important questions our board has identified as issues deserving of our immediate attention:

1. What are your ideas for improving and expanding our community’s program offerings and social engagement?

2. What opportunities and ideas do you have for increasing the community’s revenue stream?

I welcome your feedback by email at Alternatively, please feel free to approach any of the board members to discuss your ideas and feedback in person. The board members will, in turn, forward your ideas and feedback to the executive for ongoing discussion at our monthly meetings.

I look forward to faithfully serving each and every one of you to the best of my abilities.


Dimitrios (Jim) Chronopoulos

P.S. Why the photo of Socrates? Simply, he is a hero of mine.

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