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Estia was the ancient Greek goddess of the home. She represented a harmonious existence in the home, a purposeful, nurturing and safe family life, and a hope that future generations would continue to thrive and grow. The strong family ties of Greek culture stem from our ancient past and Estia was at the heart of this. After all, Greek women are the foundation of any Greek household, being the “neck” that moves the “head” (see My Big Fat Greek Wedding).


Greeks are very proud of their rich family values. The ladies of our community, the extended Greek family of our city, are vital to our community’s success and the cement that keeps us together.


Formed in April of 1985, the ladies of Estia are largely made up of mothers of the Greek–Canadian youth. They were driven by an ambition to retain vital traditions that only our women know best. They still remain strong, a testament to the strength of the Greek woman and Greek families.

Whenever our community needs an extra helping hand, or a special meal or dessert, the ladies of Estia come to the rescue. They are also a philanthropic link to the community, donating thousands of dollars each year to a charity in Edmonton.

Want to join us? Simply to contact us to find out more.

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